Financial market analysis

In 2012, we began to develop quantitative methods for analyzing the financial market and apply them in investment strategies.

According to the results of the first quarter of 2018, the strategies are included in the top 10 of the international Barclay Hedge rating in the category of algorithmic trading systems according to the world's leading database of investment funds. The results of the work of quantitative investment strategies are regularly confirmed by international ratings and independent audits.

Aristo Core Principles

  • - Conventional and synthetic futures
  • - Liquid world markets
  • - Assets with maximum liquidity
  • - Market risk diversification
  • - Uncorrelated financial instruments
  • - Uncorrelated income
  • - Only cash-settled futures

Personalized Service

Each client has different
preferences and goals, so at Aristo Investments, portfolios are created and managed on an individual basis.

This means that every decision of our professionals meets exactly your wishes and expectations, and not the average group value.


Select an investment

And conclude
a trust agreement.

managers will create
your portfolio

Based on the conditions of the financial market and in accordance with your personal wishes and goals, we create a
investment portfolio.

Get income

Track the asset dynamics in your personal account
on the site and get income. We are constantly analyzing the market and manage your portfolio, ensuring its profitability.

Risk Diversification

- No correlation between the profitability of strategies and the return on the underlying asset (country indices and stocks, currencies, commodity futures, etc.).
- Earn returns on multiple asset groups regardless of market movements.
- We use only the most liquid financial instruments.
- Portfolio diversification allows the system to efficiently use capital on various instruments.
- Maximum liquidity: we operate on international markets with a total turnover of over $1 trillion per day.